Revit Architecture Tutorials

Welcome to the Revit Architecture tutorials page. We have structured this page in a way that is designed to be helpful for those people who have never used Revit Architecture before. The first set of Revit Architecture Tutorials will teach you the raw basics of the application right from the beginning. The basic Revit Architecture Tutorials will also teach you some of the differences in thought process required when it comes to designing in Revit. The advanced Revit Architecture Tutorials then begin to explore some of the more complex functions associated with Revit Architecture. Once you have reviewed the Revit Tutorials, we recommend you then take part in the 14 step Revit Architecture tutorials from Autodesk. In this set of Revit Tutorials, you are guided through modelling a house from start to finish and shown other functions such as adding trees and exterior components. Our final Revit Architecture Tutorials are walk through guides designed to teach you some of the advanced features of Revit Architecture.

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