Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2016: Autodesk Official


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Table of Contents

Part 1 • General Project Setup 1
Chapter 1 • Exploring the User Interface 3
Chapter 2 • View Filters and View Templates 35
Chapter 3 • Worksets and Worksharing 45
Chapter 4 • Project Collaboration 75
Chapter 5 • Multiplatform Interoperability: Working with 2D and 3D Data 115
Chapter 6 • Parameters 137
Chapter 7 • Schedules 173
Part 2 • Mechanical Design 213
Chapter 8 • HVAC Cooling and Heating Load Analysis 215
Chapter 9 • Creating Logical Systems 249
Chapter 10 • Mechanical Systems and Ductwork 275
Chapter 11 • Mechanical Piping 307
Mechanical Pipe Settings 307
Part 3 • Electrical Design 331
Chapter 12 • Lighting 333
Chapter 13 • Power and Communications 355
Chapter 14 • Circuiting and Panels 389
Part 4 • Plumbing 421
Chapter 15 • Plumbing (Domestic, Sanitary, and Other) 423
Chapter 16 • Fire Protection 441
Part 5 • Managing Content 453
Chapter 17 • Solid Modeling 455
Chapter 18 • Creating Symbols and Annotations 491
Chapter 19 • Creating Equipment 515
Chapter 20 • Creating Light Fixtures 559
Chapter 21 • Creating Devices 587
Chapter 22 • Details 609
Chapter 23 • Sheets 635
Chapter 24 • Fabrication 663
Chapter 25 • Creating a Project Template 681

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Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2016: Autodesk Official Press

Simon Whitbread
ISBN: 978-1-119-05937-0
816 pages
September 2015
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Get up and running on Autodesk Revit MEP 2016 with this detailed, hands-on guide
Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2016 provides perfectly paced coverage of all core concepts and functionality, with tips, tricks, and hands-on exercises that help you optimize productivity. With a focus on real-world uses and workflows, this detailed reference explains Revit MEP tools and functionality in the context of professional design and provides the practical insight that can only come from years of experience. Coverage includes project setup, work sharing, building loads, ductwork, electrical and plumbing, and much more, with clear explanation every step of the way. The companion website features downloadable tutorials that reinforce the material presented, allowing you to jump in at any point and compare your work to the pros.

This is your guide to master the capabilities of this essential productivity-enhancing tool.

Generate schedules that show quantities, materials, design dependencies, and more
Evaluate building loads, and design logical air, water, and fire protection systems
Create comprehensive electrical and plumbing plans tailored to the project
Model your design with custom parameters, symbols, fixtures, devices, and more
If you’re ready to get on board this emerging design, collaboration, and documentation paradigm, Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2016 is the one-stop resource you need.

Mike Williams

A CAD technician for the past 15 years, Mike Williams has been using Revit since 2002. Mike has been a freelance Revit consultant since 2005 and has always been very active in the Revit user community at large. Mike is the main author at Revit Tutorials and aims to create user friendly Revit Tutorials and Videos so that beginners can learn the application.

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